Discussion on Propane vs Natural Gas

When we talk about propane vs natural gas comparison the discussion becomes a debate with no end. It all depends upon our usage i.e. which fuel is useful for us will win for us. Before doing the propane vs natural gas comparison let us know what is exactly propane gas and natural gas. Propane is generally in gas form which is compressed into portable liquid form. It is made while natural gas processing from petroleum products. Whereas natural gas can be stored in both forms may it be compressed or uncompressed. It is made in marshy areas and quagmire by methanogenic organisms.

Propane vs Natural Gas Comparison

Propane vs Natural GasWhether we talk about propane or natural gas, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Rather when we notice deeply we will realise that propane itself is made while natural gas processing. So there is always a confusion which is better than the other. Hence propane vs natural gas comparison will facilitate us to come to a decision which one is better over the other. Propane vs natural gas in terms of efficiency then propane gets a higher point as it is more efficient than natural gas. This can be proved by a strong reason as natural gas contains one thousand thirty British Thermal Units per cubic foot on the other hand propane contains two thousand four hundred and ninety British Thermal Units per cubic foot.

Propane vs natural gas in terms of cost then propane is expensive as compared to natural gas.  This is because it is made while natural gas processing so it requires extra processing steps of separation and distillation and hence it cost six times more than natural gas. Propane vs natural gas in terms of portability in which propane has an edge over natural gas as natural gas cannot be compressed easily while only at 46 degrees Fahrenheit propane can be changed into liquid form and hence it can be filled and transported easily.

If we discuss Propane vs natural gas on bases of risk of explosion then we will find out that both are prone to detonation, but propane is heavier than natural gas hence it settle down which makes its possibility more susceptible to large explosions while natural gas is light so it fritter away easily so there is less chances of explosions in case of natural gas.


Propane vs natural gas comparison as environment friendly fuels tells that both are clean burning fuels but natural gas is treated as one of the effective and powerful gas of greenhouse whereas propane is non- hazardous gas which does not contaminate or infect the surroundings and atmosphere even if spread in the air. Hence here propane scores high and is also known as green fuel.

In the end we can say that propane vs natural gas comparison showed very clearly that we cannot pin point any one advantage over the other as both the fuels have many common traits. Both these fuels are used as alternative fuels in motor vehicles. It is not about propane vs natural gas it is about which suits you in terms of safety, your usage and accessibility.